High Quality, Fast, and Inexpensive

Who says you can’t have all three? Choose a script, have one created or submit your own, and in less than 24 hours, you will be the proud owner of a broadcast quality radio spot.

High Quality

As a branch of a full service advertising agency, our studio is fully geared with top of the line equipment, and a team of seasoned production professionals.


As an agency, we are used to producing broadcast media as fast as possible, without compromising quality.  24-hour turn-around is guaranteed, but most projects will be completed significantly faster.


For $250, we will have your spot voiced and produced by professional talent. With this speed and quality, it’s a very hard price to beat.

How To Choose and Submit A Script

Cheap Radio Spots

Choose a
Sample Script

Reading through Sample Scripts is a good way to see the structure of a typical radio spot.  If you like one, we can just take your information, and put it in the script for you.


Have Us
Create a Script

If you don’t see something you think fits your business, don’t worry!  You can contact us directly to have a script written in the fashion you think will best serve your advertising plan.

Cheap Radio Spots, High Quality Radio Commercials
Cheap Radio Spots, High Quality Radio Female Voice Overs

Your Own

If you’ve already got a script and just need production executed, just send us the script when you contact us.  We will read through and suggest any edits that we think would benefit you, and once you approve it, we’ll have it back to you in no time!



One cheap price for all of our spots.



$ 250
What's Included:

Script, Voice Over, and Production

2 Voice Edits

2 Production Edits

Spot Delivery to You

Contact Us

Please contact us with any pertinent information, and we will respond to your inquiry as quickly as possible.

Cheap Radio Spots, High Quality Radio Scripts

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